Sunday, August 21, 2011

I think that social networking websites induce cowardice.

Instead of going out into the world and actually making friends, or putting on your boxing gloves and confronting our enemies in the flesh, we hide behind the comfort of our computer screens, made up names, Photoshop-ed pictures and stupid smiley faces.

For example, I am currently checking how many likes my Facebook status has landed so far, instead of rushing over to the next-door neighbor's house to inform them that, yes, in fact, their little brat's screaming is disturbing my peaceful life, and would they do something about it, or should I be doing the parenting for them.


  1. Agree though we still do it.

    Btw, Iread your "About Me" on your sidebar... why don't you like egg yolk??? One of these days (maybe in the semestral break) when I cook some eggs, you could have the whites and I could have the yolks. Yum! Deviled eggs!

  2. That's what we call addiction. Interesting to see how I'd fare if I didn't have internet for a month!

    Hard-boiled egg yolks, I can take. It's the really yellow, runny ones that make me go "Hell no!" The same way I can't stand chicken tinola or chicken adobo, but I devour fried chicken like crazy. All that said, I will eat your deviled eggs, yolk and all!!!