Friday, September 10, 2010


I hate being roused by any means. If I had my way, I would wake up every day at the exact time I felt like waking up to. Not because I've already slept eighteen hours away, or because breakfast is ready or because the especially rock hard pillow I've been resting my pretty little head on was in fact the toilet bowl.

But I always, always love waking up to the chirping of the birds. Whenever I wake up to the chirping birds, I can't help but think that something magical can still happen. As long as I keep waking up.

So I felt rather sad when I realized that some individuals with hearing loss might never hear the sound of the birds again, or have, actually, never heard them in their entire life.

That's just really sad. And this time, I'm saying it without a smirk on my face.

sunday doozy

Not that it's news or anything, but I've managed to find something more interesting to do than start one of my one hundred and forty nine eval reports.

This, my friends, is my very special drink - Fizz.

Don't ask me what it is.


Why'd you have to go ask me?

Fine. That's my disgusting and senseless concoction of iced tea and two sachets of Extra Joss and an unproductive sense of adventure. The stuff's too sweet, it probably has the same sugar content as five truckloads of one litre Cokes.

But yeah, I'm drinking the stuff, and throwing up in my mouth at the same time. And standing up every time I hear Soulja Boy's Pretty Boy Swag.

I just need a joint, and I'll be all set.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

the sun doesn't have to come out tomorrow

I'm a rain girl.


It felt like...

i was walking on nuns

i was floating and taking wings

everything around me was blue

lights keep turning on and off

somebody was tap dancing inside my heart

my arms and legs didn’t belong to me

i am a squiggle

i was eating myself up

it hurts

i would never fall that far

9 is the funniest thing on earth

santa clauses are singing and dancing around me

i was slurring

i became Cassie

i took my time speaking

everything was in slow motion

walking through a glass door is like walking through it in the dark (you'd never know it was even there)

we belong to each other

Friday, September 3, 2010

some things don't change

I was on blog reading mode and came across this July 16, 2007 blog post (everything was tacky back then and I still had a Friendster blog).

"I have told myself before, and probably always will, that all I really want is to spend the rest of my life being a couch potato."

And three years have passed and it still remains true.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

normal sucks

Exhibit A

Temple Grandin, famed speaker and activist, inventor of the Hug Machine, important contributor to the cattle industry and autistic, can say (any day of her life) that socializing with people is boring - and that would be perfectly fine.

While, if I, god forbid, snub a lame comment on how my cheeks appear to be rosier, or how my hair seems straighter, or how I have gained more than a couple of pounds over the weekend - I appear impolite, too good to talk anyone and deviant.

Give me a break.

And the lesson of the story is: I'm all for neurodiversity .

Smiley listening to music to: Kings of Convenience