Sunday, August 21, 2011

An intense family meeting had me wondering why I don't practice Roman Catholicism anymore.

Now I have it all figured out.

I do not live for any god.

I live for myself.

And the joys and tribulations following this decision, will be all my own.


  1. Well, as you know, I do not go to church since I don't like listening to the priests' homilies because they're awash with personal opinion and politics. But, I still believe in God (or some higher being) though I'm still quite angry what with happened to nanay.

    The church is man's and some of the things the church has said and done lately made me wonder if they ever stop to think that they're violating the second commandment.

  2. I've been so far-off from the Christian lifestyle that I actually had to look up what the second commandment was!

    I still sort of believe in Jesus Christ and all that. I mean, every time I watch The Passion Of The Christ, it gets to me and shit. But I absolutely do not believe that the things that happen to me, in my life, are part of some grand design. I guess it's the frustration-from-asking-too-many-questions-and-not-getting-a-response talking.

  3. I knew about the second commandment because it was drilled into my skull in Catholic during my first five years of education.