Saturday, March 26, 2011


I told one of the biggest crybabies in my clientele to turn off the waterworks yesterday.

I was getting tired of the incessant crying that he often did out of frustration. Sure, I was also especially irritable because I was having a really long day and my co-workers' kids were wrecking havoc everywhere. By everywhere, I mean within three feet of where I was, and no, I did not get the memo about yesterday being "Bring Your Kids To Work Day", because it wasn't.

So I told my client to shut it.

I've never really told anyone to stop crying before. Not even the Devil's spawn living next-door, and the heavens know how badly I want to stuff that little brat's wide-open, evil little mouth with sand. I've actually been doing that in my head for a long time now. If I didn't have my imagination, I would die.

Now, I'm feeling kind of guilty remembering how I told my kid to stop crying. Especially since he actually did stop crying and immediately wiped his eyes and closed his mouth shut in this really pitiful way of his to probably keep the sobs from escaping.

I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have told him to stop crying. That was taking away his right to tell everyone that he was upset.

Besides, I reckoned, the world blows.

The least it can do, is give us the license to shed a few tears.

I guess an apology is in order.

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