Thursday, January 20, 2011

Red dots

I was in one of those terrible moods one Thursday morning and was seriously considering how being dead would be such a relief. Obviously, I have moved on.

That night, I watched a Japanese film called Suicide Club. It pretty much was about suicides, that I could tell you. But to be honest (and I try to be every single day), it was pretty pointless. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe I'm one of those people who can only follow linear storylines in films. Maybe I do not know how to appreciate great art. Or maybe I'm right, and Suicide Club was an interesting film for the first thirty-five minutes and a complete waste of time from then on.

I used to not understand why people would want to off themselves. The idea was strange to me. But looking back, I remember how I was more innocent then. Self-righteous. More sure of myself. Now, I think all I have become, is more respectful of people and the choices they make. Suicide doesn't seem ridiculous to me now. I have come to understand that for the people who have chosen to do it - it was their solution. And there's absolutely nothing funny about that.

So I was pretty excited to see Suicide Club and discover for myself what all the cult following was about. Now I am certain that the people who liked this film would remember it more for its famous opening scene than for making sense. It's mean-spirited how the makers of the film sent me on what seemed like a wild goose chase trying to piece together a nonexistent puzzle.

It was fun reading reviews on this film on IMDb. Everybody seemed to have an opinion. Everyone thought it's non-directionality was artistic and was very comprehensible if you have been given a mind half as good as theirs. In fact, any one who thought the movie was senseless and without direction was regarded an idiot.

They say Suicide Club is a love-or-hate venture. I didn't love it. Maybe I'm an idiot. Maybe not.

All I know is, this idiot's not going to watch the sequel.


  1. While the film's very commendable, suicide is not. I always have the opinion that suicide is a stupid thing to do - no matter what anyone says (the world is such a dangerous/sad/angry/yadayada place; no one loves me anymore; i will not dishonor my family; yadayadayada). To me, those who commit suicide are just cowards.

  2. Well we apparently disagree on both counts.

    I didn't find Suicide Club worthy of high praise and I don't find suicide stupid. Though I obviously won't advocate it to anyone, I am withholding judgement over the intellect of the people who have done it or are planning to do it. Suicide often reminds us about how terribly messed up our society is that some people despise living in it enough to end their lives. It also tells us that we should try to be less ignorant of human psychology as mental problems are sometimes the driving force behind suicide. Suicide is serious. Just as depression is, or homophobia, or racism, or child pornography or physical illness.

    And contrary to what you said about people who have committed suicide as being cowards, I find an indefinable albeit tragic courage in a person's decision to end his life without the assurance, or a slight suggestion of what will happen next.

  3. We all do not know what will happen next after we die.

  4. interesting title.. too bad.. it didn't live up to its name... (based on your review)...suuuwiisiide used to be my best friend, but we have parted ways now...and yes i do respect people who commit it, im not saying that it's the way to go, but it was their choice..and i don't think they were doing it to catch other's attention, probably they felt that it was the only way to be in control of their lives for once..especially if they've been having uncontrollable events in their life that's making it a living hell for them. :)