Friday, July 23, 2010

Matt and Price

Eating cold, overnight french fries is like getting a high score in a Math test. They're both disgusting but you'd never have guessed it could taste so good.

It's almost two in the afternoon and I just had my first meal for the day: a tall cup of iced tea, two slices of wheat bread, two cheese dogs and four slices of ham (which I feel has started spoiling, I wish I'll get stomach sick later). I eat meat, obviously. I love meat. That's why I'll never be a vegetarian. Simply thinking about it makes me foam in the mouth with madness. Talking about vegetarianism always reminds me of this video I saw on Youtube once. It was an interview with this blonde super model who claimed she was a vegetarian and never eats meat. The interviewer asked her what types of food she eats then, and the model replied, "Chicken." The interviewer looked surprised of course, but after two seconds of looking at her face you'd see a smirk was playing on the corners of her mouth. She asked again, "Why do you eat chicken? Isn't chicken an animal?" The model of course had a ready answer to that, in fact, she seemed offended by the question. She answered, "No, of course not. Chicken is a bird." There you have it. I have always felt that the words blonde and vegetarian in the same sentence will always spell hilarity. I'm hoping this model is not a part of and is not planning to be a part of PETA. She could ruin them.

And yeah, I am eating old and cold overnight french fries.


  1. I also love meat. I can't live without meat. Once -okay a week ago- I only eat fruits for two days and occasional pieces of bread. After those days and I was waiting for an FX at Tandang Sora - I felt dizzy. Don't get me wrong I already went through days eating a meal once a day and never getting dizzy. The only difference is that in those days I ate meat. Then, as I boarded an FX bound for SM, I remembered I am anemic.

  2. Erratum: -a week ago- I only ATE FRUITS...

  3. Erratum: ...once a day and never GOT dizzy..

  4. Lol. I think I should try that. I don't know if I'm anemic but I miss feeling dizzy, I used to feel dizzy after an all-nighter review before a big, life-defining test in college.