Friday, April 23, 2010

staying private

I just watched a documentary called We Live In Public. It was about a brilliantly crazy internet pioneer who tried to show the world its future. Through his crazy experiments, Josh Harris introduced the promise of immense virtual human connectivity through the internet, but bringing along its evil twin - extinction of privacy and losing in touch with the people who are. actually in your life. Josh Harris may have had unorthodox means, but his premise made great sense.

I have for example witnessed how we have bowed down to the internet and technology in general. We have become slaves and prisoners of war. Oh, wait. I digress. I meant to say that we have become slaves of technology. My friends and I would get together to binge drink and these are friends you've known since you were 5 years old and haven't seen for the last year or so because you've been to hell (aka college) and so of course you're pretty excited to hear about what has been happening with their lives during those times you weren't around and you keep on yapping and yipping and can't seem to keep your mouth shut because you've got too many questions - and of course, they're not paying you any attention because they're busy wearing away the epidermis on their thumbs on texting. I hate technology if only for ruining what could be a great get-together with my friends.

Okay, so I will talk to you tomorrow. I'm talking to this Canadian boy who wants to swap lives with me, so. I guess I'd better go and find out what he has to offer.

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