Saturday, March 28, 2009


the whole internship insanity has winded down, but i'm still doomed.

pressure is building up inside me like tetris blocks. and the screen is *thisclose* to being completely filled by them.

thesis. fucking thesis. don't get me wrong though. i love everything about out thesis: the amazing, amazing thesis mates (which includes our equally amazing thesis adviser), the drinks we regularly have (without the thesis adviser), the study, and the series of unfortunate events that transpires as if it's the fucking Friday the Thirteenth everyday.

and papers. fucking papers.


someone decided to set the ref on defrost. the glaciers warmed up and transformed into dripping water, and dripped all over my precious box of Nerds.

so fuck that too.

but i'm still in a remarkably happy mood.
what is wrong with me?!

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