Saturday, February 21, 2009

paris, i love you

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The ignoramus that i tend to be sometimes, i just watched Paris Je T'aime last night. Or now that we're at it, i only realized that a film entitled Paris Je T'aime existed last night. I did get past the disbelief however, and was able to appreciate the underrated beauty of the film.

Like most of my favorite movies, this movie charmed me mainly because of the great lines from the characters. Some of the most memorable ones were:

Gaspard: It's amazing. As soon as I saw you, I needed to talk. It's like... I don't know. A strong, weird feeling. I thought, if I don't talk to you before I go, I'd be missing out on... something... important. Beautiful.

Hassan: I'd give you my card but I have none left. Too bad! Sophie, fancy a cup of coffee? Go on! Can I massage your feet?
Sophie: Why would I let you?
Hassan: Because they hurt.
Sophie: They do?
Hassan: You were running in my dreams all night.... Please have coffee with me.

Bob Leander: Can't we walk together?
Fanny Forestier: I'm so ashamed.
Bob Leander: Why? You did it out of love, I assume.
Fanny Forestier: And what do you do, out of love?
Bob Leander: I ache... for who we were.

Francine: Thomas Listen. Listen. There are times when life calls out for a change. A transition. Like the seasons. Our spring was wonderful, but summer is over now and we missed out on autumn. And now all of a sudden, it's cold, so cold that everything is freezing over. Our love fell asleep, and the snow took it by surprise. But if you fall asleep in the snow, you don't feel death coming. Take care.

Carol: Sitting there, alone in a foreign country, far from my job and everyone I know, a feeling came over me. It was like remembering something I'd never known before or had always been waiting for, but I didn't know what. Maybe it was something I'd forgotten or something I've been missing all my life. All I can say is that I felt, at the same time, joy and sadness. But not too much sadness, because I felt alive. Yes, alive. That was the moment I fell in love with Paris. And I felt Paris fall in love with me.

Although of course they sound so much more impressive in the film. If you're a romantic at heart, this film is probably for you. But if you're just some kid who simply enjoys watching films with english subtitles, this is probably just as for you.

I can't wait to see New York, I Love You. I hope they don't fuck it up.

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